Traditional manicure: cuticle soak, nails cut and shaped, cuticle treatment, light exfoliation, light massage, and polish.

Manicure with Gel Polish  

Are you looking for nail polish can last up to at least two weeks or more? The Gel Manicure is the right choice. This full hand treatment includes every step of a classic manicure and finished with your choice of gel colors.


Spa Manicure + Pedicure  


Spa Pedicure  

The treatment begins with shaping of nails, buffering, cuticle trimming and callus remover, followed with a muscle relaxing lotion, leg massage, and warm towel. The pedicure is complete with your choice of polish.

Spa Pedicure with Gel Polish  

Trimming and shaping of natural toenails, cuticle grooming & buffing. Lotion feet massage, gel color keep the polish last up to one month and keep it shine.

Deluxe Pedicure  

In addition to everything in the regular pedicure plus treatment exfoliates your skin with food mask, scrub Gel, sea salt, removing lifeless skin, followed with a muscle relaxing lotion, leg massage, and your feet wrapped in a warm towel - The pedicure is completed with your choice of polish.

Super Deluxe Pedicure  

Designed specifically for you this pedicure by Voesh are two of the most relaxing spa treatment solutions in the industry. Enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition it needs. Each signature pedi is machine clied and hygienically sealed lock tight with Paraben-Free and fresh ingredients. Includes salt soak, sugar scrub exfoliate, mud masque, massage lotion.

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic (Full Set)  

Acrylic (Fill In)  

Gel Powder (Full Set)  

Gel Powder (Fill In)  

Gel Powder P & W (Full Set)  

Gel Powder P & W (Fill In)  

Gel Powder Pink (Fill In)  

Liquid Gel (LCN) (Full Set)  

Liquid Gel (LCN) (Fill In)  

Liquid Gel (LCN) P & W (Full Set)  

Liquid Gel (LCN) P & W (Fill In)  

Nails Polish Change  

Toes Polish Change  

Gel Polish Change  

Dipping Powder  

Waxing Services




Full Legs  

Half Legs  

Full Arms  

Half Arms  

Under Arms  

Brazilian Bikini  



Whole Face